With Meatup just around the corner, we hear from the organising team themselves as they gear up for the UK meat industry’s only exhibition.

As we know, this year’s Meatup is taking place on 24th and 25th May, just over a week away, at Arena MK.

With tonnes of exhibitors, industry experts, and like-minded visitors, Meatup is set to be better than ever, meaning a chance to come along should be grasped.

Meatup, however, would not take place if not for the people behind it who organise everything to ensure the operation runs smoothly. We spoke to members of YPL Exhibitions & Events, to find out what they, as the organisers, are looking forward to the most.

Emma Cash

A word from the organising team

Emma Cash, show organiser, commented: “It’s always great once events like Meatup take place after months of preparation and anticipation. I look forward to seeing the turnout and seeing just how many passionate like-minded people will be there to both exhibit and support the industry. A lot of hard work goes into Meatup, not just from us, but the exhibitors and partners and so I look forward to seeing them and seeing what they bring to the event.”

Julie Bircher

Julie Bircher, exhibition sales manager, said: “I look forward to liaising and meeting with the exhibitors and partners at Meatup. So often, business is done over the phone or by email, and so meeting and putting faces to names is just one of the many perks that Meatup will bring for everyone.”

Emily Ansell Elfer

A word from the official medial partner and press team

Emily Ansell Elfer, editor of Meat Management, said: “A lot of preparation goes into making events such as Meatup happen and after so much build up, I can’t wait to see everyone at ArenaMK sharing their passion for the industry. I expect to see familiar faces as well as new, and Meatup will be a great opportunity for networking, both for us and for those visiting. There will be two competitions taking place at Meatup this year, as well as heats for the World Butchers’ Challenge, and it’ll be great to see the outcomes.”

Elena Dimama

Elena Dimama, editorial assistant for Meat Management, shared her thoughts: “Meatup is a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the most important people in the meat industry and witness top craft competitions. I am particularly looking forward to the seminars, and especially Henrietta Sameke’s speech on the impact of regulation on the meat industry, as future food legislation is expected to be a hot topic in the industry’s agenda.”

Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey, editorial assistant for Meat Management, who will be running the Press Office at the show, said: “I’m excited about meeting our Seminar Theatre speakers. I’ll be meeting and greeting them in the Green Room before their slots. The Seminar Theatre line-up looks incredible this year; I’m looking forward to hearing what our experts will have to say.”

Laura Sexton

Laura Sexton, editorial assistant for Meat Management, also gave her thoughts. She said: “After writing about Meatup for a while and anticipating it, it’ll be great to finally see it all unfold. I’m looking forward to speaking with exhibitors and spotting new names. My knowledge of the meat industry is growing every day, and Meatup will be a fantastic way to expand even more. I look forward also to hearing what each of the seminar speakers has to say, after liaising with them prior to Meatup.”

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