30th & 31st October 2019 | Stadium MK | Milton Keynes

Visiting regulations

Canvassing for orders by any unauthorised persons is strictly prohibited, and in any such case the right of expulsion will be exercised immediately. The distribution or display of printed or other placards, hand bills or circulars except by exhibitors on their own stands is prohibited.

No object exhibited may be drawn, copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written consent of the exhibitors concerned and the show organisers.

Please note that photographs and videos will be taken at this event for publicity purposes which may be used either during the event or over the post-event period. By attending this event as either a visitor, exhibitor or contractor, or in any other capacity, consent to use any images of attendees for promotional purposes by Yandell Media Group’s is implied. Such promotional use may include magazines, promotion literature, advertising, galleries, video coverage, social media, websites and poster artwork, and any other medium deemed appropriate by the organisers. Note: you are able to contact Yandell Media Group or YPL Exhibitions & Events in writing to withdraw your consent at any time.

Press visiting the show must go to the Press Office upon entering the exhibition floor to sign in and collect any materials they may be interested in. You must obtain permission by the Press Officer before taking photographs or video footage within the exhibition hall. Members of the press who have not received accreditation will be asked to provide a business card and proof of ID should they wish to enter the show. Please note that only bona fide editorial personnel will be allowed access to the exhibition and sales representatives are not allowed in to the show unless they are staff of an exhibiting company.

Student policy
Students are permitted to attend as long as they are partaking in an industry approved scheme or course.

No smoking
Please note that this exhibition is a non-smoking event and no smoking will be allowed on stands or within the aisles and seating areas. Those wishing to smoke must do so only within a permitted area. Thank you for your co-operation.

Seminars, Competitions
All seminar speakers and special guests, presenters and performers, competition entrants and judges, attend and appear at Meatup subject to professional work commitments. The publicised line up is subject to change based on any unforeseen circumstances without notice from the organisers.